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Skate 'n' Shredd

hey pplz wats up? i'm sam and i made this site cuz i like to skateboard. some of my friends will help too, though.

Well this is the homepage pretty much a part of my site so u can see whats up with me n my friends and junk like that..:)

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My favorite type of skateboards are Blinds and World Industries...what's yours?? Check the polls section to find out the #1 fave. board!!

The rage among the neighborhood is that my friend steve can 180....or so he says...we continue to argue about who's board is better.. he has a blind popsickles i have a variflex(NO VARIFLEX IS NOT A K-MART BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!),and a birdhouse which i got 4 christmas, as i continue to whomp my friends in the "who can do the longest manual" contest, we're tryin to learn new tricks day-by-day.
we built a grinding pole out of wood we found up at the park near my house last year, which is now used to ollie over. checkback soon to see what we've learned..if u have n e suggesstions e-mail me in the contact me section of my site:):)

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